The Apârtment core team

Paolo Fiorentini

Paolo Fiorentini’s biro drawings on paper depict incomplete portraits of individuals located in a distant past in an effort to rebuild an hypothetical long lost family genealogy

Teresa Witz

Teresa Witz’s oil paintings on wooden panels investigate patterns of behaviour in women’s handbag contents.

Lynn Carter

From childhood reminiscences to actual observations, Lynn Carter's small scale oil paintings depict how the East London urban landscape is changing.

Graeme Balfour

Graeme explores the human condition using watercolours and light and  glass in photographic, video and mixed-media installations.

Guest artists #9

Giovanna Del Sarto

By Giovanna Del Sarto

L.A. MacDonald

Churchill by L.A. MacDonald

John Workman

Guest Artists Apartments #1-#8

Fipsi Seilern


Henry Gundry-White

Alexandra Clark

Alex MacGregor

Fiona Gall

A. MacGregor – R. Clark

Suke Driver

Apartment #

Leila McMillan

Jim Vernon

Alex Prior

Mikey Georgeson

Apartment #

Austin Cole

Hilary Jack


Galen Riley

Apartment #

Jonathan Gent

DnA Factory

Maslen & Mehra

Ernesto Torres

Apartment #

Tisna Westerhof

Paul Tecklenberg

Melissa Alley

I. Carlos