The Apârtment #10 – May 2018

24th - 17th May 2018

Guest artists #10

Miriam Kilpatrick

Using performance as a vessel Miriam Kilpatrick challenges the fundamental behaviour we all share as a species. Control, power and comfort are examples of needs that everyone has which are explored in a basic form within her work.

Femke Winde Lemmens

Exploring the movement, colours and joy coming from the interplay between SAORI weaving—a process to uncover hidden power of creativity—and natural dyeing, creating her own colours from plants and kitchen waste.

Maud Barrett

Maud is a purposeful repurposer with extensive experience upcycling materials in both her artistic practice, and her personal life. Article

Gaynor Zealey

Gaynor questions "seeing is believing" and the viability of our visual perception when the interaction of light, shade, reflection and atmosphere, combine to confound ocular sensibility. She is inspired by the meeting of visual ambiguity, belief and doubt.


Open evening

The space and works

The Apârtment core team

Paolo Fiorentini

Paolo Fiorentini’s re-stitches lost architecture of Bow over present-day photographs, overlaying past with present.

Teresa Witz

The East London Federation of Suffragettes (ELFS) was formed in Bow by Sylvia Pankhurst in 1918. Teresa will show her graphite drawings based on police undercover photographs, prison records and newspapers, attempting to portray the extraordinary heroism of the women who lived in East London and London and fought for equality and women’s rights for many years.

Lynn Carter

From childhood reminiscences to actual observations, Lynn Carter's small scale oil paintings depict how the East London urban landscape is changing.

Graeme Balfour

Graeme explores the human condition using watercolours and light and  glass in photographic, video and mixed-media installations.

For At home in Bow, Graeme explores layers of the knotted history of Bow.